AAA Expands Bicycle Service to all of Minnesota!

Effective May 1, 2016 

Redefining Roadside Assistance

Cars aren’t the only things we move. Bicycle Service is NOW available

Effective May 1, 2016 to all AAA Minnesota Members (including AAA Mpls Members)!

Introducing Bicycle Service, an innovative new member benefit to fit your lifestyle. If your bike becomes disabled, AAA has you covered by providing roadside assistance for you and your bike in Minnesota. One more way we’re here for you.

Eligible Bicycles Service applies to all bicycles and tandems, including rental bicycles and bicycle trailers, if service can be safely delivered using normal servicing equipment.

Coverage to Bicycle Rider Only Bicycle transportation service is provided only for the rider whose bicycle is disabled or inoperable.


 Membership Benefits

To obtain service – A Roadside Assistance vehicle will be sent to the eligible disabled bicycle, without charge, from the nearest AAA contract station. Bicycle coverage applies to any eligible bicycle you are riding at the time the bicycle becomes disabled. Simply present your valid AAA card at the time of service. Members are expected to be with the bicycle at the time of service. 

Bicycle coverage is provided to a member whose bicycle has become disabled or inoperable. Service will be provided:

  • To any point of safety within the limits of your coverage:
    • Basic – up to a 5-mile radius of the bicycle breakdown
    • Plus – up to a 100-mile radius of the bicycle breakdown
    • Premier – up to a 200-mile radius of the bicycle breakdown
  • Bicycle transportation service is counted towards your allotted roadside assistance service calls per member, per membership year.

Bicycle Service Area Bicycle service is available now in all of Minnesota!

Bicycle Repair Service vehicles are not equipped to repair a member’s bicycle or change a flat tire; however, transportation for your disabled bicycle will be provided subject to the terms discussed herein.

Benefits for Bicycle Service Do Not Include

  • Reimbursement for impounding ordered by the police or other proper entity because a bicycle was impounded due to a violation of a state or local ordinance.
  • Service off of normally traveled motor vehicle roads or streets. If bicycle breakdown occurs away from a normally traveled road or street; service will only be provided if the bicycle can be moved by the member to a normally traveled road
  • Service to unattended bicycles
  • Storage or repair costs
  • Parts and tires
  • More than one transportation per disablement
  • Cost of providing alternate transportation
  • Fatigue and physical inability to continue with ride. Exception may apply for an injury that occurred as a result of a bicycle accident
  • Rendering mechanical first aid or changing of a flat tire
  • Rendering service to break or cut a lock on a secured bicycle
  • Service where we or our contractor deem a road is not safely passable due to snow, flooding, etc.
  • Trip Interruption Protection, Vehicle Return and complimentary rental car do not apply to bicycle coverage

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