Weird Insurance

Weird Insurance

Just for fun, let’s take a look at some of the weirdest insurance policies out there.

UFO Insurance: Don’t think it won’t happen to you: UFO and alien insurance will give you peace of mind when it comes to abduction or impregnation by aliens. Zombie attack coverage sold separately.

Fantasy Football Insurance: If you’re the owner of a fantasy football team, an injured imaginary player might cost you several hundred dollars. Well, some have protected their teams with Fantasy Football Insurance, with the goal of helping them to recoup some of their investment should a key player get benched.

Golfer’s Insurance: Accidentally give somebody a concussion with your golf club? No problem! If you have golf insurance and you or somebody else gets injured, or loses a limb or an eye, don’t sweat it: you’re covered. Best of all, this policy will pay for you to party on the golf course for up to 48 hours if you ever get a hole-in-one.

Body Part Insurance: Hearing about celebrities who purchase insurance for their vocal chords, killer legs, freakishly long tongues, or backsides never seem to get old. But as bizarre insurance policies go, body part insurance is starting to seem, well, kind of normal.

Haunted House Insurance: Haunted houses are supposed to be fun, but just in case a visitor gets scared to death literally haunted house insurance will give you the necessary protection from liability. But with policy restrictions like “no actors jumping out at patrons,” trap doors, live animals, or pyrotechnics, you might just want to take that risk.

Multiple-Birth Insurance: Mothers who purchase this additional coverage early in their pregnancies are awarded an extra lump sum if they find out there’s more than one on the way. Although taking out extra insurance just in case you have twins or more might seem strange, it’s probably one of the more practical weird insurance policies out there: babies are expensive!

Weather Insurance: From a birthday party that gets hit by a tornado to an unacceptable amount of snow, a weather insurance policy can cover all kinds of unusual scenarios, rain or shine. You can’t control the weather, but maybe you can get your money back if it ruins your week.

Riot Insurance: Most business insurance will cover losses due to riot, strike, or “civil commotion,” but if the riot happens at your house, you’re out of luck. Fortunately, specialized coverage is out there for those who live in riot-prone areas. But don’t get too excited, “civil commotion” doesn’t apply to your upstairs neighbors who are still partying at 3 a.m.

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