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Homeowners insurance in Staples MN

Save Money, Time, & Hassle on your home insurance. We work with over 30 homeowners insurance companies, comparing the features and cost to find you the best rate, the best coverage, and the best discounts available. We’ve been operating in Staples, MN since 1967, so you know we’ll be here when you need us. Contact us or request insurance quotes to get started.

Home Insurance Coverage

  • Damage to Home & Other Structures Coverage – Covers your home and other attached structures for damage from weather, vandalism, and much more.
  • Home Business Coverage – Covers business operations within the home.
  • Liability Coverage – Covers damage or injury to another person when you’re at fault.
  • Personal Property Coverage – Covers your clothes, furniture, electronics, and other personal property from theft, fire, and much more.
  • Medical Payments Coverage – Covers minor medical bills for injured guests.
  • Personal Injury Coverage – Covers damage to other people from libel or slander.
  • Scheduled Property (Jewelry, Art, etc.) Coverage – Covers special classes of property that have limited coverage in standard home policies.
  • Water & Sewer Backup Coverage – Covers water damage that’s a result of a backed up sewer or drain.
  • And More


We compare over 30 Top Insurance Companies like AAA, Progressive, Safeco, Travelers, & More.


When insurance companies compete for your business, you save money!


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